Why Read Goandria?

With hundreds of Fantasy books out there, why should anyone read Goandria: The Schism? As a fan of fantasy I set out on a mission to deliver something different. Of course that is every author’s goal. Goandria offers rich characterization and the characters are the driving force of the story. Many times I read fantasy stories and became fascinated by the world presented to me, but found the characters to be flat or characters of real races or religions.

I believe that speculative fiction can be a way to address hard issues without beating the audience over the head with them. Fantasy and Science Fiction can explore areas such as politics and ask hard questions about related topics. Of course this means doing it right. An author should never push an agenda onto his or her readers. Addressing sensitive topics in fiction properly involves more of a “what if” scenario such as: What if this idea was right all along? In Goandria, I like to do this through challenging my characters’ presuppositions. Many times fantasy has obvious caricatures of real world religions or political groups, and whether I agree or disagree with what the author is saying, I find such methods distasteful.

Goandria: The Schism is also just the beginning. It is a small window into a much larger world that will be slowly revealed with each new book. It is fantasy written for those who love to get lost in a new world and want something different.


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