Reading is Fundamental

It is obvious that writing stems from reading. Becoming familiar with good stories is what teaches us writers how to craft stories of our own. Heroes and villains that make us cheer or cringe often inspire us.
The villains that reminds us of someone we know, ourselves, or what we could be captivate us. The heroes inspire us to be more than we are. It is the writer’s job to capture and create that for the audience. What inspires a writer to write? Well many things, as I have discussed before, but most importantly other stories. Reading not only inspires, but it teaches the art of writing. 
One does not simply become a basketball player just by having a casual interest in the sport. No, he is first an avid fan. This inspires a flame inside that provokes him to expand his abilities and became an athlete himself. Such is also the case of the writer.

If you are a lover of books, I challenge you to consider telling a story of your own. Do you love mysteries? Write a mystery. Do you like poetry? Write a poem. Written works open up a plethora of worlds, sometimes by inspiring the creation of new ones.


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