A Quick Note on Editing 

Cranking out a new plot is exciting. The characters and plot take me in directions I don’t typically expect, even after months of planning. Strangely, I have started to find editing and revising to be just as satisfying. Edits make a story work, especially after feedback. It is a process that perfects a plot and polishes characters.

At first I really hated editing. I saw it as a means of cutting the heart out of my stories, but as time went on I grew to not only appreciate working with my editor but come to enjoy it. Authors not only want their stuff read, we want our readers to have fun as well. The beauty of the modern era is we authors can make changes to our work even after it is published. That is something I have been doing right now. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes the book being published and time away from it to realize that is isn’t quite ready. This is especially true if you are new to independent publishing.

So if you are a writer and get bogged down by the editing process, just know that it is not only necessary, but there is joy in knowing that it will further perfect your book.


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