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Discover Goandria all over again!

I have relaunched Goandria: Visions of War.  The second edition had new chapters, greater characterization, and now includes Flight of the Wizard short story which used to be only in the paperback version.

It took two months to prepare this version and I feel it finally does the story justice. If you read fantasy and are looking for something new and different you can take a look yourself here.

As always I’m looking for reviews as well.  If this is something that interests you, and you want a free eBook copy let me know in the comments below.  You can also shoot me an email at goandria@outlook.com

A Quick Note on Editing 

Cranking out a new plot is exciting. The characters and plot take me in directions I don’t typically expect, even after months of planning. Strangely, I have started to find editing and revising to be just as satisfying. Edits make a story work, especially after feedback. It is a process that perfects a plot and polishes characters.

At first I really hated editing. I saw it as a means of cutting the heart out of my stories, but as time went on I grew to not only appreciate working with my editor but come to enjoy it. Authors not only want their stuff read, we want our readers to have fun as well. The beauty of the modern era is we authors can make changes to our work even after it is published. That is something I have been doing right now. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes the book being published and time away from it to realize that is isn’t quite ready. This is especially true if you are new to independent publishing.

So if you are a writer and get bogged down by the editing process, just know that it is not only necessary, but there is joy in knowing that it will further perfect your book.

Help Support Me

If you love to read fantasy, check out my latest book.  Every bit of support is helpful and appreciated. 

If you want a signed paperback email me at goandria@outlook.com

Otherwise you can download the ebook here or the paperback here.

Book Description:

Aron, an Archris Knight of the Republics, returns home from the battlefield only to find himself plunged back into the war. A new darkness threatens to upset the fragile peace of Goandria. The world’s hope lies in a small band’s ability to unite, despite their differing races and beliefs, to protect their homelands against the rising monster, Zontose, who now declares himself god-king of Goandria.

Powerless to aid the warriors, a young girl’s visions of possible futures bring both hope and despair. The fate of Goandria might depend on what she sees, but she doesn’t know who to trust.

For the First Time on Kindle!

Goandria: The Schism The complete series is now available on Kindle here.  Before, it was only sold as individual short stories Parts 1-3.  If you download this version it is $1.99, where as the short stories individually are $0.99 so it is a much better deal to get the whole series in one.

This book serves as a prequel to the next book Goandria: Visions of War due to be out soon, hopefully by the end of this month.

If you want more information read the reviews, or other blogs I posted here on WordPress.

The official description for the book: Goandria lies under the cruel rule of worlox demons. Emerging from an unknown realm, they claim large swaths of the northern territories for their own.  The wizards, blessed with power from Voshnore, continue their fight against them with little success. Pushed back to the south,  generation to generation, year by year, they labor in vain. Until now.

Lorkai, general of the wizard army, returns home after years of fighting. He brings long awaited successes on the battlefield. Yet those successes come with prices of their own. Several of Lorkai’s men now anguish in worlox occupied areas. Following a warm welcome, Lorkai’s request for aid is refused. Lorkai and his best friend, Evera, take matters into their own hands. The wizards uncover secrets about the worlox, which leads the friends to fight for their lives, and their humanity.



So there have been some delays in the publishing process with Goandria: Visions of War.  My publisher has a lot on her plate, and we want the book to be the best it possibly can be so it will most likely not come out until January or February.  In the meantime I am working on a version two of The Schism.  There will be a few word choice and structure tweaks.  This new version will be an ebook of parts 1-3.  If you want to learn more about Goandria visit my website, or you can download Part I for only 99 cents here!  It is the cheapest and easiest way to familiarize yourself with the epic series.