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What is magic?

Magic is defined differently of course depending on the story.  Typically, magic itself isn’t usually defined or explained.  The limitations and abilities of magic is explored in most fantasy, but the magic itself is typically more mysterious.  This is a generalization, but it is something I have observed on average.

I want to pose the question to the reader, is it important to know specifically what magic is?  Should magic be more mysterious?  If so why?  As a reader and a writer, I understand both sides.  I like having mystery to stories, but too much mystery leaves me unsatisfied with the story.  If the author creates a world with in-depth descriptions of magic it feels more real to me, and I can escape further into the fictional place.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

The lack of fantasy films

As a writer, obviously I’m a huge fan of books.  I love that books are able to flush out a plot and the characters better than most movies because they aren’t confined to a certain length.  In saying that, I argue that films are just as important as books to the genre, and frankly there is quite a shortage of quality fantasy movies.

The most recent fantasy films we got were The Hobbit Trilogy.  Many people are divided over this films.  Some complain about the deviations from the books, the 60 frames per second, supposed lack of character development, and the over usage of CGI.  I would argue that they are gleaming gems for the fantasy genre.  These films are far from perfect, but in the context that films should be judged separately from books they are some of the best fantasy films made recently.  No, I do not count the overabundance of Marvel movies, besides they are science fiction not fantasy.

Over all there has been a draught of well-made blockbuster fantasy films, which is rather disappointing.  Why is that I wonder?  It isn’t like the audience for fantasy movies is too small.  I would imagine filmmakers could tap into The Lord of the Rings fan base.  Over the last decade science fiction movies, particularly superhero moves, have seen a huge uptick in quantity.  Most fantasy films I have seen in recent years have been independent films, which is fine of course, but where are all the major films?  Someone might point to Warcraft, and that might be a valid point, but we all know that movies based on videogames are rarely tolerable let alone good.  Perhaps Warcraft will prove an exception to the rule, but that is still one move.  The fantasy movies that have been released within the last few years have generally been panned.  The Seventh Son, The Last Witch Hunter, all of them were pretty mediocre as far as reviewers were concerned.

What can us fantasy fans do about this?  Well, maybe not much but we can support the films that are being released and maybe give attention to indie films.  Typically, independent films have low budgets and subpar special effects, but I have found more than a few gems.  Hopefully since superhero movies have made such an impact on culture, fantasy will not be so over looked in the coming years.

Discover Goandria all over again!

I have relaunched Goandria: Visions of War.  The second edition had new chapters, greater characterization, and now includes Flight of the Wizard short story which used to be only in the paperback version.

It took two months to prepare this version and I feel it finally does the story justice. If you read fantasy and are looking for something new and different you can take a look yourself here.

As always I’m looking for reviews as well.  If this is something that interests you, and you want a free eBook copy let me know in the comments below.  You can also shoot me an email at goandria@outlook.com

Goandria: Visions of War is back!

The second edition of Goandria: Visions of War is now released!  It has all new chapters, greater characterization, and now the eBook includes the short story Flight of the Wizard, once exclusive to the paperback.

If you read fantasy, I am looking for reviewers.  My goal is to have three reviews on this book before Halloween.  If you are willing to read it and review it email me at goandria@outlook.com and I will send you a free review copy.

If you want more details on the book you can read the description on the amazon page here.

Fantasy isn’t about escaping reality

Speculative fiction has earned the reputation for being an escape from the harsh reality us adults face every day. Undoubtedly some movies, novels, and TV shows serve the purpose of mindless entertainment. We all have read a book or watched at movie on Netflix and asked ourselves, “Why was this even made? What is the point?” Good Fantasy serves a purpose, has meaning, and leaves a lasting impression.

Now that I set the bar incredibly high for myself let me define “Good fantasy” because that is a subjective term. Good Fantasy addresses real world problems such as war, hatred, segregation, and religious persecution, to name a few, through a fictional lens. Perhaps werewolves symbolize outcasts from a society, perhaps elves are segregated from the world of men, these are real issues but with Fantasy it can be subtler and digestible for an audience if done right.

I believe this sort of fantasy isn’t for those who wish to escape reality, but wish to refine in and mold it for the better. Fantasy leads the reader to consider different perspectives and ideas. I do not feel that quality fantasy should be about shock and awe. Throwing in sexual or torture porn for the sake of “realism” is less realistic and more about pandering to a certain audience. Simply shocking the audience with gore and sensuality is not really a goal that should be pursued. Sadly, these are trends that have occurred more recently and thus I feel adds fuel to the belief that speculative fiction is about escaping reality.

Yes, sex and violence are realities in our world. I do not deny that for a moment. However, heavily lacing a book with such material, I feel potentially harms the other messages and themes the author may try to convey. I write about warfare, and thus violence is inevitable. I write about awful things that happen, but there is a way to do it that doesn’t involve being over the top. Perhaps that standard makes me a prude in some people’s eyes. That is fine. What is important to me are the themes in my books, not going for cheap attention grabs.

Why I Write Fantasy

This is something I alluded to in past blog posts, but not a topic I delved very far into. Of all the genres to choose from, why Fantasy? I happen to enjoy several different genres, especially speculative fiction, but for me, Fantasy is special.  In celebration of my newest release I would like to share with you why I chose fantasy.

I love the world-building involved in Fantasy, and writing Goandria causes me to explore every region of this new land, discover its secrets, and see where the characters lead me. Fantasy opens so many possibilities. Literally anything can go, and the author sets the boundaries for that particular world.

Imagination is the core to Fantasy, but it still reflects reality. It is a beautiful paradox that captivates me. Fantasy is just that, a fantasy, but at the same time it touches on real issues. It is a way to use metaphor and imagination to address the spiritual, political, and relational situations in the real world. Definitely not all Fantasy does that, and not all of it aims to do so, but I feel this particular genre has so many more possibilities. Meaningful fiction is intertwined with reality, and that is what I try to accomplish with Goandria. I want to write a good story, but I want it to be filled with meaning that people can relate to.